10 Reasons Why ‘Friends’ Actually Sucks

September marks the 25th anniversary of the Friends series, and the show has been a cult classic since it aired in the early ’90s. Rather than fading away into obscurity after it stopped airing on NBC, the show instead captured a bigger and bigger audience. Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, old fans were able to revisit their favorite episodes, and new fans were able to discover the ’90s series. 

But while the six-person gang and its Central Perk hangout has been cemented into pop culture history, the show had some problems. While the friends were tight-knit, they weren’t perfect. There were moments of intense selfishness, of broken loyalties, and questionable jokes. On a larger scope, Friends was also accused of obvious moments of homophobia, sexism, and a lack of diversity.

Some of the stuff we thought was hilarious back then hasn’t aged well. The “Fat Monica” jokes are seen as incredibly insensitive and shallow now. Monica’s worth completely changed as her scale changed. There was also a ton of masculine fragility, with the guys constantly policing each other from veering into girly territories. There were also gay jokes aplenty – from Chandler’s dad to Carol and Susan’s relationship. 

Ahead are all the reasons why Friends sucks. Having a few decades of distance really helps you to realize some of the problem areas.

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